Interview Wednesday 13

Can you speak to us about your third album called Skeletons ?

Skeletons is my heaviest and most personal record to date. It was written and recorded during a crazy alcohol induced dark period in my life. The album really reflects upon that time. For me this record shows a side that I've never shown to the audience before. Its more personal and it's still horror filled the only difference is that this time its my own personal horror.

How long have you been recording the album ?

I recorded it throughout August and September 2007.

How did you proceed for the composition ?

It really wasn't thought out. My only goal was to make a new W13 record ultimately. I just wrote as many songs as I could, and I started picking and choosing which ones would be best for the record. I realised quickly that it was definitely turning into a darker heavier record, musically and lyrically.

Skeletons is your most personal record. Can you speak to us about the lyrics ?

I wrote from my heart this time as opposed to something I saw on televison like I have in the past. The lyrics again reflect on a lot of things I was going through at the time.

You have worked with Andrew Akelel for this new album. Can you tell us more about it ?

Andrew mixed the record and wasn't a part of the writing or recording process. I'm really happy with the end result that he did with Skeletons.

What are your favourite tracks on Skeletons and why ?

The title track, My demise, Put your death mask on to name a few. I like them all honestly, maybe some more than others. I don't like to put songs on an album that I don't like just to fill up space.

Do you plan to film a promotional video ?

I'd like to do a video for the songs Skeletons, however if time permits during the tour? Hopefully we can make time to shoot a video for it.

Can you speak to us about your EP called Bloodwork ?

Bloodwork is the other songs that didn't make the cut on Skeletons. It's not that they were not good enough I just felt they didn't fit the theme of Skeletons. It will be released about a month after Skeletons.

What are your favourite bands and all times albums ?

Alice Cooper- Love it to death, Motley Crue -Shout at the Devil, Twisted Sister- Stay Hungry, Kiss- Rock n roll over, David Bowie-Ziggy Stardust, and The Sex Pistols-Nevermind the bollocks to name a few.

Can you tell us an anecdote which particularly marked your career ?

Teaming up with Joey Jordison and having someone recognize my work and pull me out of obscurity. Because of this I'm able to do what I do now.

What are your touring plans for 2008 ?

I will begin the first leg of the Skele-Tour in may and I plan to take this around the world several times in 08/09.

How do you prepare yourself mentally or physically before you enter on stage ?

There really isn't a ritual that I have. I usually just listen to music on my I-pod and eat enough candy till i'm bouncing off the wall.

Do you have funny or strange stories on tour you can share with us ?

Yes there are many. One that comes to mind is, one day I was dressed as Batman on our tour bus and accidentally got hot sauce all over my fingers and rubbed my eyes and was running around screaming. The bus was dark and everyone thought I was bleeding from the hot sauce on my hands and thought that was why I was screaming.

What are your projects for the future ?

Wednesday 13 is my main focus and my priority at all times. I do plan to record another Weirdo a go Go episode sometime  this year, and would love to record another Bourbon Crow cd.

And as a conclusion, can you say some words for my radio show called Metal Choc ?

Thank you for taking time to promote what I do and hopefully I will see you on tour in 2008!!!!

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